Storm Damage Repair

What You Need To Do IMMEDIATELY!

  • Secure your family and pets
  • Turn off any electrical devices to any damaged areas of the home
  • Turn off the water to the home if the damage has caused a water line to break
  • Call Fortress to provide a temporary tarp or board up to keep your home secure and prevent water from coming in
  • Call your insurance company to report a claim for the damage to your home

Our Services

  • Emergency temporary tarps and board up of any opening to the wall or roof of your home
  • Secure any damaged electrical wiring
  • Emergency plumbing repairs from fallen trees
  • Free repair estimates
  • We work with all insurance companies

Fortress provides immediate fire damage restoration services in Metro Phoenix and all surrounding cities.   As soon as we receive your call we will dispatch repair technicians to your home to secure any openings from the storm.  We will remove any trees or limbs from your home and make sure the house is structurally safe for you to live in. We will make sure there aren’t any electrical or plumbing concerns that you may not be aware of.  We will meet with your insurance adjuster and get an agreed cost to repair your home.  We will make sure that any damaged items are brought up to city and county code.

“We were so impressed with how quickly Fortress responded to our call.  When our palm tree fell through the roof of our living room we were in shock.  Fortress was on the spot.  They tarped our roof stopping the rain and had the tree removed the same day.  They were such a help with the insurance company and we can’t thank them enough.  Thank you Fortress!”

— Jeri & Phil Strode, Peoria, AZ