Water Damage Restoration

What You Need To Do IMMEDIATELY!

  • Shut the water off at the front of the house or at the meter
  • Remove any valuable items from the wet area and put them in a safe place
  • Call Fortress so we can come out and remove the water and place equipment to begin the drying process
  • Call your insurance company to report a claim

Our Services

  • Water extraction
  • Mold prevention and removal
  • Asbestos testing and removal
  • Temporary containment and off site storage for your personal property
  • Restoration of soft and hard furniture and personal items

Fortress provides immediate water damage restoration services in Metro Phoenix and all surrounding cities.   When we receive your call we send out certified water removal and drying technicians.  We remove all standing water, remove any of the damaged structure and setup drying equipment to prevent mold from growing.  We will help you document the damage to your contents and salvage any of your personal property.  We can store your contents at your home or in our secure facility.  We will meet with your insurance adjuster, help to accurately determine the cost of repairs, identify any responsible party for the water leak and identify ways to prevent any future leaks.  We will identify any city or county code concerns that may need to be addressed and we will bill your insurance company directly.

“We came home from a weekend getaway to find the reverse osmosis line at our sink gave out.  Water was running out the back door our home was so flooded.  We called Fortress and they were there in 1 hour sucking up the water and helping us move our belongings.  With their quick help we were able to save our furniture and they made it so easy with our insurance company.  They were the help we needed, when we needed it.”

— Richard & Joy Speakman– Phoenix, AZ.